$250 / €210

The Subwoofer for the Super Cubes 5 is an optional 10-inch passive loudspeaker
that extends the lower limit of the system to 50Hz and below.

The DSP-amplifier provides a dedicated subwoofer volume knob for fine-tuning
the level relative to the Super Cubes, plus a sub On/Off switch.

The Subwoofer's response has been tuned to blend seamlessly with the natural
rolloff of the Super Cubes. Since the Cubes don't employ any high-pass filtering,
the sub's gentle low-pass filter works out of the box to invisibly bolster
the sub bass without introducing phase problems.

The system allows connection of up to two Subwoofers simultaneously
(for 2.1 or 2.2 systems), in both mono and stereo configurations.

The Subwoofer cabinets exactly match the style of the Super Cubes 5 and are made
of 18mm solid oak, edged in sapele and coated with natural oil.

The package includes one subwoofer and a 3m / 10ft SpeakOn speaker cable.

Woofer Size:25cm /10"/
Frequency Response:50Hz-70Hz @ -3db
Maximum SPL:97db
Amp Power RMS:50W @ 8Ohms
Outputs & Speaker Connectors:SpeakOn
Speaker Dimensions:27x30x33cm /10,6inx12inx13in/
Weight7kg /17,5lbs/